Take Care of Your Tires So They'll Take Care of You

mechanic working on car tire

There are a few things that matter when mounting new tires on your truck or commercial vehicle. First, you want it done right. Second, you want it done fast. For both, Kwik Kar Vista Ridge in Lewisville, TX has you covered. We've been trained to do it right the first time and make sure you're satisfied.

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Let us check it out first!  From Headlights to the truck for water damages we look at it all for you to ensure you have a vehicle that is worth the money and has no hidden issues.  We can even pull the CarFaxx report on most vehicles!  The first comprehensive Used Car Inspection is $119 and if you don't buy it and bring us a 2nd on....we will look at that one for No Charge.  includes a test drive by our certified technician, 52 point inspection, detailed report as well.  Limit one per visit and the coupon must be visible on our website to be valid.

Your engine has trouble starting - is the starter bad?

starter motor of a car

When a vehicle has trouble starting, many people initially blame the starter. What is the starter, and how do you know if yours has called it quits? At Kwik Kar Vista Ridge in Lewisville, TX, we want to keep you informed and telling you what to look for will prevent further damage when issues arise. The starter is essentially just an electric motor; a gear at the end of that electric motor engages the flywheel, which turns the engine over, allowing it to start. How do you know if yours is failing?

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Protect Your Car from Interior Leaks and Drips

interior of car

Leaks and drips that get the interior of your vehicle wet are definitely an inconvenience. Sitting water promotes rust, bad smells, and can ruin your carpet. Furthermore, the water often seems to come from seemingly nowhere, adding to the frustration. From Kwik Kar Vista Ridge in Lewisville, TX, here are some of the leading causes of water on your floor, and what you can do about it.

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Excellent work every time.

Kwik Kar Vista Ridge bent over backwards to find a good, low-mileage used engine, replaced it, and work the kinks out for a way more reasonable price. I've been going to them since I moved to the area in 2014, and they've been excellent every time. - Kathy K. (recommended on Facebook)

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